Testimonial : Dochez Hotton Decoration

Decoration store located in Thulin. The company works with Mercator for cash register management.

Can you tell us about your company in a few words?

Rudy Baudour: We are a decoration company. We have two businesses: retail sales and projects with workers. These are two complementary activities because we also install the goods purchased by customers.

The company was created by my grandparents in around 1945. We are the third generation. It is a constant pleasure to have taken over the helm because the company has sentimental value.

Dochez Hotton decoration store

How did you become aware of Mercator?

RB: We were visited by a representative who had come to present the product. At that time, we did not have a computerised system, there was a cash register system without barcodes, stock management, etc. And then we received the necessary information and we decided to do more.

Is it primarily cash register management that you have chosen from the solutions in Mercator?

RB: Yes, the entry of our goods with their purchase price, their details, classification by supplier, etc., which enables us to have very simple cash register management: we just have to scan the barcodes.
To begin with, we were using Mercator to manage orders, invoice records, quotations, deliveries, etc. We are now going to integrate stock management. When you have experienced the ease, you think "Why not also make the effort to enter all of the data directly into the program?"

Dochez Hotton decoration store

So you take the time to get used to and learn the program.

RB: Yes. It is like a tailored suit, the program is totally different from one activity to another and we tailor it to our way of working. So it takes time to make it your own.
It is a very broad program with many possibilities. Every week, I think: "Well, we could also look into that in the program". 

What developments have you seen since Mercator's arrival?

RB: In terms of time savings, it is huge. And if we save time at the cash register, we gain time for unpacking and dealing with the customer and goods. Before, filing was virtually manual. Now, "it is all in the package". It is very easy to search for a customer, to view their record, their current orders, etc.
And in terms of the customer's experience at the cash register, it is proof of seriousness. I think that giving the customer a detailed and clear cash register receipt gives us credibility. 

In your opinion, what are the specific features of Mercator that are well suited to the decoration sector?

RB: I would say the speed, the structure and the management of documents. We receive palettes with 300-400 items and manual entry would take too long. It is very quick and easy using the import function. We increasingly ask our suppliers for their Excel files in order to quickly place them in the system.
If the customer requests an item, by entering it in the program, I instantly have my price and the information. I can give the customer a quick answer.

Dochez Hotton decoration store

And do you also manage gift vouchers and loyalty?

RB: Yes. Because it is integrated, we no longer have to complete gift vouchers by hand according what the customer wants. With this system, everything is automatic, even ensuring that this is not combined with other promotions, orders, etc.

Does Mercator meet your expectations overall?

RB: Absolutely, the program is very clear. As with everything, it is necessary to practise in order to fully understand the logic of the system. This effort is rewarded when, later, we see the ease with which we are developing.
You purchase a ready-made product and can turn it into a customised one. The work tool, once set up, is effective and fantastic.

Dochez Hotton decoration store

You recently moved. Do you still have other plans in the pipeline for your company?

RB: We were in the town centre and we were having accessibility problems as well as a lack of space to expand. We have now doubled our surface area. Here, we want to develop our surface area and customer base. We would also like to have more outdoor projects and expand the "workers" component.

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