Testimonial : The Magic Touch

Distributor of machines and materials dedicated to printing and embroidery on textiles as well as cutting lettering. A Mercator client since 2007.


The Magic Touch is an international group founded in Germany in 1989. It is now active in fifty countries, in particular in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1991. We met the manager, Mr. furnaces, in his showroom on the eve of his "open doors".

M. Fourneaux, could you clarify the activity of The Magic Touch?

We distribute machines and materials dedicated to printing and embroidery on fabric, cut lettering and appropriate consumables.
These range from cutting plotters, laser colour or sublimation printers, through thermal printing presses and all transfer and cutting papers. In addition, gift and advertising articles, all customizable of course.

When did you choose Mercator software?

In 2002, when we took back the Belgian - Luxembourg distribution of the brand. We started out in the centre of Leuven, with one of your competitor's software.
In 2005, our growth forced us to move into our new premises on the outskirts of Leuven.
We discovered Mercator business management in January 2007 and quickly put our trust in Inoue, our Mercator integrator. Together, we selected the modules that would be useful to us, and Inoue carried out the configuration to meet our expectations.

What were your specific needs?

We have a website and wanted catalogues, price lists and our web shop updated in real time with our business management, both in terms of prices, product descriptions and photos. – whether it be for adding or deleting items or updating descriptions and of course prices.

You also use the Mercator After Sales Service module.

Despite the reliability of our machines, troubleshooting and technical interventions are essential. Initially, we treated technical interventions as classic purchase orders but management was far from optimal, and required external database management.
We acquired the After Sales Service module and Inoue configured it according to our needs and the options we use: machine serial numbers, guarantee period and service history.

Is a machine breakdown always an emergency?

At the time of a request, we open an After Sales Service file. We have immediate information about the client and the machinery they have. We inform the operator immediately about the machine model and if there currently guarantee, service contract or insurance leasing cover. A repair order is created and handled promptly by one of our technicians.
Many technical interventions relate to incorrect user operation. The solution is one of our technicians providing a telephonic explanation, and does not require an invoice. The After Sales Service file is closed and archived. If it is out of warranty or service contract, we create a purchase order followed by an automatic invoice.
Our guarantee policy also states that, during the first year after purchase, we replace any defective machine with a new one immediately.

You run all your After Sales Service internally?

The type of intervention depends on the type of machine, some customers bring the machine down to our workshop for immediate intervention, for larger machinery and for service, one of our technicians goes on site.
In case of laser and sublimation printers, the brand's agents carry out interventions. However, even in these cases, we create an order, which we keep in the system to maintain an operational history.

You seem to be satisfied with your Mercator software?

If I have to compare this with my old software, which is even a recognized application, it is like day and night! The choice of dealer is equally important because that is who customizes core modules based on the needs and requirements of the user.

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