Additional base file

Add a personalised and free base file to your Mercator system tailored to the needs of your business.

* "An base file", in the everyday Mercator jargon, means a collection of records (customer, supplier, item, general accounts, contact, etc.)

You have the option of adding an base file enabling you to manage specificities of your own activity, and rename it as you wish.

For example:

software that can be tailored to your business
  • For a car dealership: the additional base file may correspond to a cars file. The search key will be the numberplate or the chassis number, the mileage, etc. based on your needs.
  • For a telephone store: the additional base file may designate the subscriptions sold on behalf of telephone operators.
  • For an IT services company: the additional base file may correspond to a licences file assigned to each customer or a contracts file.
  • For an optician: the additional base file may be an ophthalmologists file.

From these base files, it is possible to easily consult the histories of sales/purchasing documents, to monitor interventions, to link contacts to them, etc.