Performance Management

Knowing and monitoring the working time of each of your employees is possible with the "performance management" module.

This module enables you to have a wide range of information on the hours worked as well as on the profitability of your providers or your customers.

In Mercator, you have tables (timesheets) recording the number of hours per person and per project as well as their costs. Performance management can be essential for many businesses. For example:

  • For service businesses: accountants, consulting or design firms, IT specialists, IT services companies, etc.
  • For the industrial sector
  • Etc.

ERP performance management

Performance management enables you to:

Allocate a cost

An hourly rate can be allocated for each service or category of service by your employees.
These can also be defined based on the customer.

Enter the services

There are two options for doing this

  • Enter all of the services in one go at the end of the day
  • Time-track the services as the day progresses

Mercator carries out the invoicing of services.
Combined with the "subscriptions" module, Mercator can automatically invoice all of the services at the end of the month while not processing those included in a subscription.

More information and profitability thanks to performance management.