Project management

The "Project management" module gives you an overview of the course and progress of each of your projects, sites or cases.

Project management can be essential for many sectors.

For example:

  • Do you work in construction or the installation of equipment (bathrooms, tiling, swimming pools, etc.)? Manage the progress of sites and interim invoicing
  • Are you involved in import-export? Each delivery becomes a project, with its customs clearance monitoring, its location, etc.
  • Do you offer birth or wedding lists? When someone chooses to give an object from the list, the sales document is grouped with the other documents in the project and the list will be kept up-to-date

ERP project management

Management of sites

The grouping of documents

Abandon the old method of you patiently collecting all of the documents relating to your project that you then place in a file.

Mercator now replaces this file and centralises all of the data and information essential to each project.

In it you gather the purchasing documents, sales documents, accounting documents, etc. entered into Mercator. You can then link Excel, Word, PDF, and AutoCAD files, photos, videos, etc. to them from all of the project participants.

Access to information

At any time, you can view the progress of the project, its profitability, the equipment and the workforce mobilised, etc. all on a single interface, for easier management.

In particular, project management enables you to:

Have optimal management

Estimate and manage working time, forecast workloads, etc.

Links with participants

Automatic dispatch of information to each project participant.

Easy invoicing

The module helps you to invoice during the intermediate phases and at the end of the project thanks to automatic invoicing.

Maximising the profitability of your projects and sites

by having an overview of your activities.