Intrastat declaration

Do you operate in the B2B sector? Mercator's Intrastat module enables you to easily and quickly meet your legal obligations.

Above a certain amount of goods imported or exported between countries of the European Union, you are subject to the Intrastat system.

Mercator can automatically generate the declarations for import and export. It is no longer necessary to enter Intrastat information for each invoice.
You therefore save time!

B2B intrastat declaration

How does this work?

Two pieces of information need to be provided to Mercator just once:

  • The CN8 code for each item (by means of a list presented by Mercator) as well as its weight.
  • For each European supplier and customer: its country and the mode of transport used.

With this information, Mercator will be able to automatically generate the declarations. The file can then be imported into the transmission system provided for in your country.

It should be noted that the declarations prepared by Mercator can be amended by the user if necessary.

Intrastat for accounting

Mercator's Intrastat module is also available directly in accounting.
In this case, classic invoice data entry is used.