The CRM tool is an essential tool for managing customer relationships and for growing your business.

With Mercator CRM, easily monitor your prospects, customers, suppliers or projects. Maximise your knowledge of your customers and develop a strategy based on your results.

CRM has proved to be an effective tool for building customer loyalty: by keeping track of your customers, their preferences, their requests, etc. you will be able to optimise your communication with them and satisfy them. A satisfied customer is potentially a loyal customer and a good ambassador for your products.

This solution can be the key to your success.

customer relationship management

customer relationship management

CRM for your business

The CRM tool connects the business' different departments.

An aid for sales representatives
  • Centralising and sharing information: files, contacts, etc. are stored in a single database and are directly accessible by all sales representatives
  • Having the customer history in front of you: the customer/prospect record includes their previous requests, their comments, etc. You can thus easily identify inactive customers or high potential customers
  • Having an overview: sales representatives see their sales opportunities, their tasks to be completed, their sales figures, etc.

Customise your CRM tool according to your prospecting procedure and your methods. Thus ensure rigorous step-by-step follow-up of your opportunities.

Develop a strategy

By consulting the reports and statistics of the actions carried out, you will find the answer to your questions "What proportion of customers responded to this campaign? What is my potential turnover? etc." You will be able to assess the impact of your actions and draw conclusions from it.

Are you a sales manager?

The CRM tool gives your an overview of the actions and results of your employees.

CRM for better customer relationships

Easily contact your customers and prospects

For each opportunity, you have a detailed contact sheet with the type of prospect, their details, their rates and discounts, etc. The sheets are customisable. You view the actions planned or carried out for it and the contacts established (purchases, preferences, practices, etc.).

Conduct targeted marketing campaigns

Create a defined filter for recipients among your contacts and send them personalised communication, by e-mail, text message or postal mail (direct mail).

Create satisfaction surveys

Do you want to know their opinion about your services, your products, etc.? Send them a satisfaction questionnaire and consult the statistics of the results obtained

After-sales service and customer service

Easily manage requests for assistance, incidents, questions and complaints using a call centre or a ticketing system.
Keep an eye on each operation carried out by the after-sales service and on progress. A notification is sent to customers with this information. The details of each intervention is stored in a record.

customer relationship management

Extension of the CRM tool:
the Fiduciary CRM tool

Fiduciaries, accountants? Here is a CRM tool tailored to your business.
Monitor the tasks to be carried out in your customers' accounting files.

The CRM tool enables:

  • The sending of e-mails to customers directly from Mercator, including in them documents such as a management report, etc.
  • The direct sending of services sheets
  • The management of periodic actions for customers. For example: for the monitoring of VAT declarations or other official documents, establish in real time the outstanding tasks, the person responsible and the time remaining

 CRM for fiduciaries and accountants

Also discover the demonstration version of the CRM tool.
Calendrier avec rappels automatiques et partage d’agenda. Widget reprenant les objectifs chiffrés. Widget reprenant les phases de prospection (pipe). Personnalisable. Visualisation détaillée de chaque action/tâche à effectuer. Fiche prospect image lightbox galleryby v6.1

The essential tool for:


after-sales service

building customer loyalty
growing the business


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