Contact management

Mercator enables you to manage, find and classify your contacts by means of sheets in Mercator but also link them to Microsoft Outlook©.

You can link one or more contact people to each of your customers, suppliers, projects, items, etc. and have access to their e-mail address, their landline or mobile phone number, etc.

Their details are directly accessible via the customer records, supplier records, project records, etc. in Mercator.

ERP contact management

Do you have multiple contact people?

For some companies, you might have the details of a sales representative, a technician, an accountant, etc. No problem: enter multiple contacts and their respective functions in the Mercator record.

The opposite is also possible: linking a single contact to several records (customers, suppliers, projects, documents, etc.)

Linking the contact and a document

Do you create invoices and want to specify to whom they are addressed in their content? Would you also like to insert the contact concerning delivery or invoicing? It is possible.

It is also possible to link several contacts to it.

Microsoft Outlook©

The integration between Mercator and Outlook (Microsoft's e-mail client) enables the automatic transfer of your contact records, customer records, supplier records, etc. in Outlook. Conversely, you can also link an e-mail received in Outlook to a record in Mercator. Very useful classification of your e-mails!

From Mercator, you can send an e-mail and create an appointment or a note.