E-commerce site

Create your online sales website with Mercator E-commerce and control it from your business management tool in Mercator ERP.

Mercator E-commerce provides you with effective management of online sales.

Your e-commerce website accurately reflects the information contained in your Mercator software at all times.
The purchasing process meets the expectations of internet users: clear and functional shopping basket, secure customer account creation and secure payment methods. All in a modern responsive design interface: the website works perfectly on tablets and phones.

Mercator ERP e-commerce

Create your website together in your image:

Website creation

Together, we create your content pages: homepage, description of your store, advice page, position of promotions and new products, etc.


Pages with items, promotions, new products and best sellers are generated automatically: the website dynamically picks up the items in Mercator and their information.

The items

The items are classified by department and by family as in your Mercator software.
Decide on additional search criteria for internet users: brands, type, price, etc.


Edit or publish simple content pages yourself on the basis of pre-built templates.

84% of Belgians visit an e-shop at least once a month and three-quarters of internet users purchase online.

Place your store online!

Why choose a Mercator e-commerce tool?

E-commerce site with ERP

You will have certainly already heard of "turnkey" e-commerce platforms. A link is established at intervals between these and your Mercator ERP tool.
So why work with a Mercator e-commerce tool? There are clear reasons:

The link between Mercator ERP and these e-shops is not permanent. An item could be displayed as "in stock" on the site while having just been sold. The updating of information at regular intervals may cause this type of problem.

A sale price is never static. It results from numerous parameters: category of customers, group of items, etc. A "turnkey" platform will never be able to guarantee that the prices on the site match those in the ERP tool.
In the Mercator e-shop, when purchasers log in, they view the items with the sale price that matches their profile.

The management of promotions is a continuous task. A promotional folder, for example, only lasts for a short time. When it expires, the promotion must be removed from the site.
Mercator enables this to occur automatically while other platforms will require synchronisation to adjust the prices.

All of the information included in Mercator ERP (prices, item descriptions, promotions, status of stocks, etc.) is immediately available on your site, without it being necessary to synchronise it.
The keys to this solution?

A single database for all of your activities and a common engine between the site and the business management software.
All of the management of your site is done from Mercator: a single tool for the web and business management.

Without further delay, visit our demonstration e-commerce site: eshop.mercator.eu

More than a link, it is a seamless integration of the website into your business management tool.

Your e-commerce tool is grafted in to your Mercator ERP tool and becomes an extension of it.

Mercator is also:

store management, b2b management, accounting and crm

Easily manage your stocks, optimise checkout and improve the in-store experience for your customers!

Optimise your purchasing and sales cycles.
Mercator is present at every step: from the quotation to the order, to invoicing and accounting, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.

Manage your accounting on a daily and fully automated basis with Mercator Accounting.

With CRM, easily management the customer relationship, maximise your knowledge of your prospects and develop a strategy based on your results.

Control your business in real time, even outside the office, from your smartphone or tablet. Your management software on mobile.

To optimise the management of your business, add additional functionalities to your software.