Are you a company offering its services in valuation, maintenance, finance, real estate, training, logistics, IT, etc.?

Efficient and fast services

For your customers, there are two ways to call on your services:

  • With a phone call or with an e-mail: you create the task requested by a customer in the software (= a ticket).
  • Via a web portal: the customer enters his or her request (ticket) on your website. This is received in your Mercator system.

Each task can be allocated to a specific person or group of people. They then see all of the tasks that concern them in their Mercator system.

The durations of all of the services carried out in the context of this task are recorded and added up. When the task is closed, the hours worked can be automatically invoiced.

business management software for service providers

A good relationship with your customers

In order to keep your customers informed of the progress of their request, an e-mail is sent to them each time that the task to be carried out changes status.

All of the information (contact, history, requests, previous tasks, etc.) is centralised in Mercator. It can therefore be viewed by all of the people in your company involved and each person can consult the file for a customer when the latter contacts you.

Your website can also be adapted in order to offer your customers genuine monitoring of all of the services carried out, of the amounts to be invoiced, etc. They thus keep an eye on the services that they request from you.

service providers ERP

Manage the work of your employees

For requests for more substantial services or for projects to be carried out for your customers, create a project in Mercator.
In it you will centralise the information essential to the project: orders, invoices, notes, photos, videos, etc. You will be able to view all of the tasks to be carried out to complete the project, allocate these tasks to your colleagues and specify when they are closed. You will also be able to consult the statistics for the project (hours worked, cost, etc.).

Who has worked on this file? For how long? At what cost? You can find out this information with the "Performance management" module. You will obtain the record of hours worked per person, per file and their costs (timesheets) based on the hourly rate that you have specified. The entry of services is done at the end of the day or as and when required. Invoicing can be automated.

Do you regularly perform the same services for your customers? Mercator automatically manages documents with the "subscription" module (maintenance or services contracts, invoices, deliveries, etc.) for these recurring actions. You specify the start and end date of this subscription only once as well as the documents generated automatically in each period.

The fantastic CRM tool

The CRM tool enables you to automatically notify a customer when there is a change in the status of their request. But it also enables you to create marketing campaigns:

  1. You determine a target group to be reached (automatic selection of contacts based on the criteria that you choose)
  2. You create the e-mail / sms / etc. only once that is to be sent
  3. With one click, the communication is sent to all of this target group.

You will thus be able to easily keep your customers informed about promotions, new services, competitions, etc.