IT and Electronics

Do you manage a household appliances store, telephone store, electronic parts store, IT store, etc.?

Mercator for your store's cash register: the software coordinates all of your cash register equipment: receipt printer, barcode readers, cash register drawer, payment terminals, etc. Easily edit and print cash register receipts and invoices.
You can grant different rights depending on the user at the cash register and set up control procedures.

Do you offer your customers kits containing several items or a free item when they make a purchase? (A screen protector offered with the purchase of a smartphone, for example). No problem! Specify in advance in Mercator the items to be sold together: the system will notify the seller and manage the purchase.

electronics store cash register management software

Do you work in the B2B sector?

Use Mercator for each of the stages of your activity: quotations, orders, delivery, invoicing, accounting, etc. All your management in a single software.

Stock management: effective business management software enables you to avoid stock shortages or overstocking. Mercator makes the management of stocks and stocktaking easier for you using portable data acquisition terminals and also automatic resupply, based on the minimum and maximum stocks defined, etc.

after-sales service household appliances

You offer an after-sales service

Do you offer an after-sales service for the repair of your products?

  • Calculate the performance of your employees and their rate with the "Performance management" module
  • Ensure monitoring of products being repaired and communication with customers using the CRM tool: customer and product history, system for notification of the progress of customer requests, etc.

The specificities of your sector

Serial numbers: key aspect in your business! This unique number given to a product enables its identification, its retrieval in a database and the monitoring of its movement.
Our business management software

  • Enables the entry of an item for sale simply by scanning its serial number
  • Checking of the validity of the serial number entered in a sale
  • Enables searches of all of the serial numbers assigned to a customer or a supplier
  • Provides the possibility to consult the history and the origin of the device
  • Etc.

If you manage a large number of items, the module for the importing of external items is an effective solution for preventing the cluttering up of your database. You have all of your suppliers' catalogue references and you import into Mercator only the items sought by customers.

In Mercator, you can specify a specific rate for particular customers or for professionals. The same applies for discounts.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

For recurring services (maintenance contracts, warranty, telephone subscription, etc.), the "subscription" module automatically generates recurring documents. You thus save time.

Create marketing campaigns via e-mail, SMS, mail, etc. by selecting the target group from among your customers. With one click, you then send a message to the group using Mercator CRM.

Mercator E-commerce: Create your online sales site grafted to your business management tool: a single database for both of your activities.