Multi-company management

Do you have multiple stores, subsidiaries or offices? Centralise their management in one and the same software.

The Multi-company Management  module intended for groups organised into multiple legal entities and that wish to pool certain elements of their management:

Catalogue of items, stock management, customer files, supplier files, purchases, sales, etc. Everything is in the same database.

ERP Multi-company management

Invoicing and accounting

All of the invoices from all of the companies are therefore managed by the same business management tool. You determine, in the invoice log, which accounting file the invoices have to be centralised in. There is then one accounting file per company.

Security - confidentiality

The security of each company/site is of course assured. You manage the rights of the different sites as you wish. It is possible, for example, to configure the software so as to only show the different sites the invoices that concern them.
In the same way, certain sheets (clients, items, etc.) can be hidden in the companies that cannot use them.

* The "multi-company management" module does not derogate from the prescriptions regarding the use of our licences.