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Touchscreen cash register

A touchscreen cash register for your store: fast, easy and customisable. Convenient for heavy items or items without a barcode.

Lots management

Traceability, expiry date and compliance with AFSCA standards, management of colour baths, after-sales service, etc.

Project management

Get an overview of the running of your projects (tasks to be completed, documents gathered, hours worked, etc.).

Performance management

Easy monitoring and invoicing of the services provided by your employees (fiduciaries, IT services companies, industrial time-tracking systems, etc.).

Production management

Is your business involved in production? Does it assemble components and/or produce finished products? Mercator is present throughout the production cycle.

Payment terminals

Mercator's business management software can be connected to the payment terminal (Worldline, Cetrel) at your store's cash registers. There is no need to manually enter the amount.

Contact management

Manage, find and classify your contacts by means of sheets in Mercator but also link them to Microsoft Outlook©.

Sales force

For salespeople and representatives, Mercator can be accessible on their tablets or laptops when they travel to customers.

Resource management

Your business has a large quantity of resources: equipment and machines, staff, products, projects, etc. Manage their availability.


Do you regularly produce the same documents? This module makes it possible to generate them automatically for a given period.

Banking integration

Exchange, with one click, your payments and bank statements with your banking institutions.

Importing of external items

Import items coming from supplier catalogues on request without overloading your database.

Multi-company management

Mercator is available for multiple companies: points of sale, subsidiaries or centralised offices in a single database.

Additional base file

Add a personalised and free base file to your Mercator system tailored to the needs of your business.

Intrastat declaration

Do you operate in the B2B sector? This module enables you to easily and quickly meet your legal Intrastat obligations.

Location management

Find your products quickly and easily in your storage space: where are they stored?

Mercator in the Cloud

It is possible to host the database of your Mercator in the Cloud. You can then access your Mercator, wherever you are!

Mercator SOS

A network break? An internet failure? Keep working stress-free with Mercator SOS

PEPPOL e-invoicing

Send your invoices electronically via PEPPOL. You can also receive your invoices in the Mercator PEPPOL Box.

After-sales service

Easily manage one-off or regular service requests, repairs, questions or complaints from your customers.