Mercator, the comprehensive, scalable and customisable business management software for management with peace of mind.

Mercator is a business management software that covers all of a business' management needs: business management, accounting management, e-commerce and CRM.

Whatever your size or your sector of activity, Mercator ERP fully adapts to your needs and evolves with your business.
More than just a data processing program, our ERP is an effective and ergonomic business management tool, which aims to assist you in the management of your business and support its growth.

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With Mercator, easily manage your stocks, optimise checkout and improve the in-store experience for your customers!

From its conception, Mercator was designed for store management.

Understanding the operation of a business and the issues of certain data-processing aspects, this business management software ensures the smooth functioning of the key steps in the sales process: stock management and resupply, simple and quick checkout, etc.


Distributors, wholesalers, traders, import-export players? Mercator boosts your "Business to Business" management.

Our business management software gives you the keys to optimise your purchasing and sales cycles.

Mercator is present at every step: from the quotation to the order and from invoicing to accounting, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.

Control all your activity with a single program.


Mercator's accounting tool enables you to meet legal obligations but also to take the best decisions for your business.

Mercator Accounting has two objectives:

  • To help you to produce mandatory documents and declarations. To keep meaningful accounts thanks to Mercator.
  • But also to provide you with figures concerning your business and a dashboard enabling you to take the right decisions.

The Mercator accounting tool is both a reliable control and an aid.


With Mercator CRM, easily manage customer relationships. Maximise the knowledge of your prospects and develop a strategy based on your results.

CRM has proved to be an effective tool for building customer loyalty: by keeping track of your customers, their preferences, their requests, etc. you will be able to optimise your communication with them and satisfy them. A satisfied customer is potentially a loyal customer and a good ambassador for your products.

This solution can be the key to your success.


Create your online sales site with Mercator E-commerce and control it from your business management tool in Mercator ERP.

Your e-commerce website accurately reflects the information contained in your Mercator software at all times.
More than a link, it is a seamless integration of the website into your business management tool. Your e-commerce tool is grafted to your Mercator ERP tool and becomes an extension of it.

All in a modern responsive design interface: the website works perfectly on tablets and phones.


Control your business in real time, even outside the office, from your smartphone or tablet. Your management software on mobile.

MercatorPenguin is an application to install on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this app and the data connection of your mobile, you can access your management software anywhere and anytime.

What does the application allow:

  • View your company data: The app allows you to access your customer lists, lists of articles, summaries of recent sales, invoices in PDF format, cash statements, ...
  • Work in your ERP on your mobile: Create customer cards, suppliers, contacts, projects, ... Encode actions performed and new appointments in your calendar, to keep track of them. Modify sales documents, after sales, ... and obtain the signature of the customer.


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For the management of your business
with peace of mind.

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Six good reasons to choose us

Mercator is...


Centralise all of your management in a single software: Mercator is present throughout the sales/purchasing cycle.


Mercator, which is highly customisable, adapts to the specificities of each business.


Mercator is designed to be quick and intuitive to use. The interface remains the same throughout the sales/purchasing cycle.


The reliability of data is a priority. We guarantee it with the technologies used and the high programming standards.


Your business is constantly evolving. Mercator adapts to your new specificities and grows with you.


Improve the functioning of your management. Our team places its experience at your service and analyses your business and its needs.

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