Testimonial : Caffe Valentino

Luxembourg branch of the Italian coffee roaster, Valentino Caffe, founded in Lecce in Puglia, southern Italy more than 60 years ago.



Selling coffee, that is easy. To sell good coffee and help customers deliver excellent coffee in the cup is the business of Caffe Valentino Centro Europa Sarl, based in Luxembourg and led by Mr. Maurizio Renna. It is itself a branch of the Italian coffee roaster, VALENTINO CAFFE SPA, founded in Lecce in Puglia, southern Italy about 60 years ago.
At Caffe Valentino, the priority is to offer different coffee blends of the highest quality, along with professional training of staff dedicated to the preparation of the "perfect espresso".

Why did you choose Mercator?

M.Renna: "This philosophy of excellence is also applicable when choosing a new management tool. Now it is two years, and we do not regret choosing Mercator for its rapid implementation, ease of use and timesaving compared to the tools that we used previously. We can concentrate on our profession"

How do you judge the attainment of your expectations?

M. Renna: "First of all, Mercator's support has always provided satisfactory service, both when responding to our queries and during installation of new versions. Responsiveness is exemplary especially in the speed of their reaction. Besides that, they always have a solution for the changes we want. The door is never closed. That is a bonus! "

What are you projects?

M. Renna: “We will certainly add new users but Mercator is nothing but adaptable in that sense. We have projects concerning our sales team, in terms of mobility."

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