Six good reasons to choose Mercator


Centralise all of your management in a single software: Mercator is present throughout the sales/purchasing cycle. The quotation becomes an order which is converted into delivery/invoicing, which itself generates an accounting entry.
You only have to enter the data once!
The result? A time saving, a reduction in costs and the number of errors, and accessibility to all of the information.

Support & Expertise

An ERP tool is also an opportunity to improve the functioning of your management.
Our team places its experience at your service. It thoroughly analyses your sector/business to understand your needs. 
Understanding our customers: a fundamental point for providing effective solutions. At Mercator, the customer is a priority. We do our utmost to make your business a success.


Mercator is designed to be quick and intuitive to use. The software's appearance can be tailored to the user. There is limited use of a mouse and everything can be done on a keyboard or on a touchscreen.
For the entry of documents, the interface remains the same at each stage of the sales/purchasing/accounting cycle. You therefore only have to master one interface in order to carry out all of your actions.


Mercator is developed entirely by our team, which ensures careful programming and meticulous debugging.
We offer a product at the forefront of technology, namely a Microsoft SQL database and development in Microsoft C# .net. These technologies ensure that our data is fully consistent, even in the event of problems (power failures, etc.).


Your business is constantly evolving. A new product? A new subsidiary? Additional users? Regulatory changes? However, you do not want to have to change ERP tool each time!
Mercator adapts to your new specificities and grows with you. Contact our team and a solution will be found for each of your business' new needs.


Every business has its characteristics. We believe that the data processing system should adapt to your way of working. Mercator is therefore a highly customisable ERP tool.

Our software combines the benefits of standard and "customised" software: it is installed quickly and is customisable at every level.