B2B management

Distributors, wholesalers, traders, import-export players? Mercator boosts your "Business to Business" management.

Our business management software gives you the keys to optimise your purchasing and sales cycles.

Mercator is present at every step: from the quotation to the order, to invoicing and accounting, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.
Control all your activity with a single program.

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The cycle of sales to your customers


Easily create your quotations with customisable templates.
Include calculated fields as in Excel and choose what will be printed (certain amounts, items, etc.).


Convert the quotation into an order or create a new order.


Enter deliveries manually or from orders/quotations.
Automatic delivery based on the order date, quantities in stock, etc. Check quantities with a portable barcode reader.


Enter your invoices or convert quotations, orders, deliveries.
Invoice automatically based on criteria and the frequency of your choice. Intrastat management.
Possibility of dispatch to accounting.

B2B represents a large proportion of our customers.

By automating certain tasks, they make productivity gains.

In particular, our business management software enables:


B2B businesses are particularly well suited to the automation of day-to-day management:

  • Management of rates depending on the customer or the supplier.
  • Automatic creation of orders based on the stock and supply.
  • Management of rates on a seasonal basis or in defined periods, real-time updating of prices
  • Etc.

Results? Profitability and optimisation!

The management of stocks

No stock shortages or overstocking. The program helps you to establish an optimal stock level, with a maximum and minimum.
Order preparations for the stock can be suggested with automatic replenishment or a countermark (customer order).
Mercator enables: the management of multiple depots, real-time stock searching and easy stocktaking using portable terminals.

Decision-making support

Thanks to customised reports and statistics, Mercator helps you to take the best decisions.

You will then be in a position to negotiate rates with your suppliers. Mercator also enables you to establish when to make an order and in what quantity.

Tailor Mercator to your company

Mercator adapts to your company

Every business has its characteristics, obligations and needs.
This highly customisable ERP is tailored to your company. We believe that the data processing system should adapt to your company and not the other way round.

Mercator brings together in a single program all of the information and functions that are essential for your company. You have all of the documents on hand, which can be exported in PDF format.

Do you trade internationally?

Mercator handles all of the information for overseas business: tax or customs documents, export declarations, etc.

Our solutions

Store management

Store management

Management of articles, stocks and checkout.

B2B management

B2B management

Management of purchasing / sales cycles (from order to invoicing).



Manage your accounting on a daily and fully automated.



Collect data from your customers. Newsletter, prospect follow-up, ...



Create your online sales site and control it from your ERP.

app b2c

B2C App

Keep in touch with your customers through an App in your image.

Mobile solution

Mobile solution

Control your business in real time from your smartphone or tablet.

Others modules

Others modules

Add additional functionalities to your software