Decoration and Lighting

Do you manage a decoration or lighting store?

Mercator coordinates your sales equipment at your store's cash register: receipt printer, cash register drawer, payment terminals, etc. You can grant different rights to each cash register user and control cash movements.

Mercator also enables you to edit and easily print cash register receipts or invoices for your customers.

Are there promotions on a regular basis in your store? Our ERP tool manages a wide variety of discounts: based on the type of customer, the type of item, the current folder, by amount purchased, etc. You can also create loyalty cards as well as gift vouchers.

business management software for decoration store

Do you install decoration / lighting at your customers' premises?

The "Project management" module enables you to have an overview of the progress of your sites: it groups the data essential to each project (the orders, invoices, notes, contacts, photos, etc.). You can also view the profitability, the equipment used and the workforce mobilised.

Likewise, the "Performance management" module shows how many hours are worked per person and per site as well as their costs (timesheets). You allocate an hourly rate to each service. You enter the services at the end of the day or as and when required. And Mercator invoices these automatically.

business management software for lighting store

Do you work in import-export?

Mercator is present at every step of your trading activity: from the quotation to invoicing, via the management of stocks and deliveries.

The management of stocks is a key point in your business: Mercator makes the management of stocks and stocktaking easier for you using portable data acquisition terminals, automatic resupply, based on the minimum and maximum stocks defined, etc.

Your representatives can use Mercator during their visits to customers: by logging in on a tablet or a mobile phone, they can create quotations and orders, by consulting your business' stock.

Manage your items with ease

If you work with a large number of items, it is worth only importing into your Mercator system the items requested by customers but still having the entire supplier catalogue on hand. It is possible with the module for the importing of external items: your database of items is not therefore overloaded.

The management of lots: Very useful if you sell wallpaper, flooring, curtains, etc. How can you be certain that a colour will always be the same shade? There are occasionally small differences between colour baths. The solution? Ensuring that all of the items sold to one customer are from the same production lot.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

Are you responsible for a chain of stores or several depots? Mercator provides you with an effective flow of information (stock level, orders, customer record, etc.) between the different sites.

Do you offer marriage lists? The "Project management" module enables you to group all of the documents concerning the items that can be purchased or have been purchased by the friends of the couple and to thus have an up-to-date list.

The countermark: Mercator makes it possible to create supplier orders based on what your customers have ordered and therefore to limit the items that need to be stocked on your premises.