DIY and Tools

Are you responsible for a DIY or tool store?

Use Mercator for your store cash register:

  • The program coordinates all of your sales equipment (touchscreens, printers, barcode readers, etc.)
  • Grant rights depending on the user at the cash register and precisely control cash movements.

Do you provide a "cutting" area? Our ERP tool enables you to manage the sales and purchases of materials by specifying the dimensions. For example, for a panel sold by the square metre, enter the length and/or the width, as well as the number of panels sold, to obtain its price.

Does your store do promotions or offer gift vouchers? Discount based on the type of customer or item, based on the current folder, based on the amount purchased, etc. Mercator enables you to create a wide variety of special discounts. It also manages points-based loyalty cards, discount cards, gift vouchers, etc.

business management software for tool store

Do you carry out installations for your customers?

The "Project management" module provides an overview of the progress of your sites: Mercator centralises all of the data essential to each project (orders, invoices, notes, contacts, videos, photos, etc.). You can also view the profitability, the equipment used and the workforce mobilised by the site.

Likewise, the "Performance management" module gives you the record of hours works per person, per site as well as their costs (timesheets). Allocate an hourly rate for each service. Enter the services at the end of the day or as and when required. And automatically invoice them.

business management software for DIY store

Do you work in import-export?

Mercator supports you at every step of your activity: from the quotation to invoicing, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.

Stock shortages or overstocking do not occur with Mercator. Stock management is made easier using portable data acquisition terminals, automatic resupply, based on the minimum and maximum stocks defined, etc.

Mercator is also available on tablets or laptops. Your sales representative can therefore go to customers with his or her Mercator system and enter the quotations/orders directly. It consults the status of stocks, the customer history, etc.

Manage your items with ease

Do you work with a large number of items? The module for the importing of external items enables you to only import into your Mercator system the items requested by customers while having all of the supplier catalogues on hand.

Mercator manages the specificities of your sector:

  • Packaging: at the time of an order to a supplier, Mercator can show you the optimal number of items to order in relation to the packaging. Mercator also manages differences in packaging between what you purchase and what you resell to your customers.
  • Multiple units: you perhaps work with different units for purchasing from suppliers and reselling in-store or storage. (For example, purchasing by the reel and reselling by the metre). Mercator makes this conversion.
  • Scanning a palette and obtaining its contents: using the SSCC number, Mercator can identify the contents of your palette without having to scan the elements one-by-one.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

Are you responsible for a chain of stores or several depots? Mercator provides you with an effective flow of information (stock level, orders, customer record, etc.) between your different sales or storage sites.

With Mercator CRM, optimise your customer relationships: SMS or e-mail marketing campaigns, effective after-sales service, etc. You will then be able to assess the impact of your actions and draw conclusions from it.