Do you manage a shoe / clothing store, a leather goods store, etc.?

Software for your store cash register:

All of your sales equipment (receipt printer, barcode reader, cash register drawer, payment terminal, etc.) is coordinated by Mercator. You can thus quickly edit and print cash register receipts and invoices.

Grant each cash register user different rights in the software and set up cash register control procedures.

Sales, loyalty card, discount coupons, etc.

Mercator enables you to put on sales with ease: percentage discounts, automatic sales based on the start and end date, application of pre-discount prices with strike-through, etc.

It is possible to set up a loyalty card system if you wish. You can also create discount coupons based on current promotional campaigns (discount on the new collection, mid-season discounts, etc.)

business management software for fashion sector

Do you work in the B2B sector?

All your activity is managed in a single software: quotations, orders, deliveries, invoicing, accounting, stock management, etc. You thus gain efficiency and productivity!

The management of stocks is a key point in your business. Mercator makes the management of stocks and stocktaking easier using portable data acquisition terminals.
No more stock shortages or overstocking!

business management software for clothing or shoe store

The characteristics of the fashion sector

Do you sell the same product in several sizes and several colours? Mercator enables you to manage these items with varieties:

  • Create grouped item records
  • Consult the available stock for each colour, size, etc. (in a grid)

Other types of varieties can be added: sleeve length, material, format, size, etc.

Do your suppliers have endless catalogues? The module for the importing of external items may be the solution. You consult your suppliers' catalogues on your computer alongside Mercator. When a product is requested by customers, you import it into the Mercator database.
It is an effective way of having a wide variety of products available without cluttering up your software.

Your items can be classified by season. The sales statistics for one season will enable you to optimise your "collection" orders.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

Do you have a chain of stores or several depots? Mercator provides you with an effective flow of information (stock level, transfer from depot, orders, customer record, etc.) between the different sites.

Do you deliver goods? Mercator helps you to calculate the delivery charges and minimum quantity to be ordered for free delivery.

Now is the time for selling online! Create your e-commerce site in your image and increase your sales. With Mercator E-commerce, your site will be grafted onto your business management tool: a single database for both of your activities.