Do you manage a general food store, organic store, specialist store or grocery store, etc.?

  • The touchscreen cash register: practical for products that do not have labels (fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.)
  • Integration with scales: for processed meats, cheeses, vegetables, etc.
  • Returnable packaging: the calculation for the return of returnable packaging is managed by Mercator.

At the cash register, you can grant different rights depending on the user and set up control procedures.
Edit and print cash register receipts and invoices.

Does your store have promotions or gift vouchers?
A wide variety of promotions is managed in Mercator: discounts based on the type of customer, type of item, the current folder, promotion based on the amount purchased, items that are free with the purchase of another product, loyalty card with points, etc. Our ERP tool is able to manage your discount cards and your gift vouchers.

Do you offer gift baskets containing several items? No problem, you can manage all of that with Mercator.

store cash register management software

Do you work in the B2B food sector?

Our ERP tool is present at every step: from the quotation to the order, to invoicing and accounting, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.

Stock management: no stock shortages or overstocking. Mercator makes the management of stocks and stocktaking easier for you using portable data acquisition terminals, automatic resupply, based on the minimum and maximum stocks defined, etc.

Send your sales representatives out on the road with Mercator on their mobile phones or tablets. They will be able to immediately enter the orders that they have received, show their customers the product range, know the quantities in stock, the customer history, etc.

production management software

Do you work in production?

Thanks to the "production management" module, view all of the materials to be bought or produced to prepare a specified quantity of food. The instructions are sent to the different workshops.

You can have production reports at any time: What do I have to produce? By what date? In what quantity? What quantity has already been produced and what remains to be done?
These reports are customisable: you choose the information required.

Quickly view which supplier, customer or depot ordered a specified quantity of goods, where it has to be delivered, etc.

Monitor and manage the production of your goods in this way, from receipt of the raw materials until delivery of the finished product.

The characteristics of your sector

Working with perishable products requires being able to monitor their movement. With the "Lots management and traceability" module, each product therefore keeps its lot number from its creation until its sale to the customer.
This module shows you the oldest product lot that has to be removed from stock first (FIFO). At any time, you can know the information about a lot (quality control, conformity, expiry date, production date, etc.) for a finished product as well as for all of its ingredients.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

Are you responsible for a chain of stores or several depots? Mercator provides you with an effective flow of information (stock level, transfer from depot, orders, customer record, etc.) between the different sites.

Do you deliver goods? Mercator helps you to calculate the delivery charges and the minimum quantity to be ordered to qualify for free delivery.