Importing of external items

Interactive importing is particularly useful for stores or B2B players that work with a large number of items.

The module for the interactive importing of external items will save you time with its three main functions:

  • Installing, in your Mercator system, easy access to the full catalogues received from suppliers.
  • Importing on request specific items searched for in these catalogues into Mercator.
  • Automatically update all of these data and the catalogues when suppliers change their rate.

management of a large number of items

How does interactive importing work?

You are able to sell all of the products in the supplier catalogue. But how can you know know in advance which ones will be requested by your customers?

With this module, you have available, alongside your Mercator system, all of the catalogues of your suppliers with all of their products. During a specific search, Mercator consults these catalogues and imports only the item desired into the database. It is then added and will from then on be processed like any other item in the database.

This module is therefore an effective way of having a wide variety of items on hand but without cluttering up your Mercator database.