Installers and Technicians

Are you HVAC installers, plumbers, sanitarians, electricians, chimney sweeps, ...?

The daily management of your company

Mercator's commercial management allows you to carry out each step of your activity : quotes, orders (suppliers or customers), delivery, invoicing, accounting ... The entirety of your management in one software.

Generate your maintenance / service contracts easily with the subscription module : it automatically creates documents and end-of-contract alerts for recurring activities.

Offer an efficient after-sales service to your customers: history of interventions, sending SMS to remind appointments, guarantee documents, ...

Calculate the profitability of your business with reports and statisticsproduced by Mercator. Make the right decisions for your company.

Prepare the tours of your installers

In the CRM Mercator, you view the schedule of each of your technicians. Prepare their mission orders by creating a task that will be automatically added to their schedule.
A withdrawal or a modification in your planning? Move and reorganize the appointments of your teams in one click to remotely control them.
Each appointment placed in their schedule is a real record of intervention, configurable as you wish. There is therefore no re-encoding to be done before or after the intervention.

mobile application for installers and technicians MercatorPenguin

Mobile Application for your technicians on the road

In his mobile application, the installer finds the list of services of the day to perform. He can generate, directly on his mobile phone, visit reports indicating:

  • The nature of the repair / installation
  • Time on the spot
  • Used parts: they are then automatically deducted from your stock
  • Payment received: the mobile can be paired with portable payment terminals
  • Photos taken in the field, comments or remarks
  • And the signature of the client: he signs on the screen and the signature is saved in the document

The MercatorPenguin application is:


Draw your screens and your processes


Simple and uncluttered interface

In real time:

Your data always with you

Our customers in your sector have also been convinced by these solutions

The module Project Management » gives you a global view of your projects: 

  • It centralizes all data (commands, notes, contacts, photos, ...)
  • It makes it possible to visualize the profitability, the labor mobilized, the material used, the respect of the costs and the planning, ...
  • It manages progress reports and corresponding interim invoicing.
  • It can be linked to cost accounting to keep a view of each project in accounting.

The report editor: create all your standard documents that will be completed by the software. For instance, your certificates or other printing models.

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