Materials and Wood

Do you manage a materials store (tiling, insulation materials, plaster, stone, major works, wood, etc.)?

For your store cash register:

  • The touchscreen cash register: it is particularly useful for items that are difficult to handle at checkout or for items without barcodes.
  • All of your sales equipment, ticket printer, barcode reader, cash register drawer, payment terminals, etc. is coordinated by the business management software for efficient and fast checkout.

Do you provide a "cutting" area? Our business management software enables you to manage sales of materials by specifying the dimensions. For example, for a wood panel sold by the square metre, enter the length and/or the width, as well as the number of panels sold, to obtain its price.

business management software for wood and materials store

Do you install materials (tiling, structures, sanitation facilities, etc.) for your customers?

Several Mercator modules are available for the management of your sites:

Project management: this module enables you to monitor the progress of each of your sites and the interim invoicing. It centralises all of the essential data and documents relating to these sites (Excel, Word, PDF, AutoCAD, photos, videos, etc.)

Performance management: this module gives you the record of hours worked per employee and per site, as well as his or her costs based on an hourly rate that you have specified. The services are to be entered at the end of the day or as and when required.

Subscription management: do you regularly have discussions with your customers? In Mercator, you specify the start and end date of the subscription as well as its frequency only once and Mercator automatically generates documents for these recurring actions, e.g. invoices.

business management software for the construction sector

Do you work in import-export or the B2B sector?

Mercator supports you at every step of your activity: use the software for quotations, orders, deliveries, invoicing, accounting, etc.

The management of stocks is a key point in your business: no stock shortages or overstocking. To help you in the management of stocks and stocktaking, Mercator works on portable data acquisition terminals.
Mercator also offers automatic resupply, based on the minimum and maximum stocks that you have previously defined.

Mercator is also available on tablets or laptops. Your sales representative can therefore go to customers with his or her Mercator system and enter the quotations/orders directly. It consults the status of stocks, the customer history, etc.

The characteristics of your sector

Packaging: at the time of an order to a supplier, Mercator can show you the optimal number of items to order in relation to the packaging. Mercator also manages differences in packaging between what you purchase and what you resell to your customers.

Multiple units: you perhaps work with different units for purchasing from suppliers and reselling in-store or storage. (For example, purchasing a quantity of wood based on its length/width and reselling it as flooring by the square metre). Mercator makes this conversion.

Scanning a palette and obtaining its contents: using the SSCC number, Mercator can identify the contents of your palette without having to scan the elements one-by-one.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

The management of lots: For certain items, such as tiling, there are differences between the colour baths during manufacture. However, purchasers need to be confident that their tiling will be the same shade. Mercator makes it possible to know the manufacturing lot of each product and, therefore, to sell items originating from the same lot.

Likewise, the cutting of wood requires traceability from the unprocessed cut tree to the planed plank. This is also possible with the management of lots.

Do you have a chain of stores or several depots? Mercator provides you with an effective flow of information (stock level, transfer from depot, orders, customer record, etc.) between the different sites.