Mercator SOS

A network break? An internet failure? Keep working stress-free with Mercator SOS 

The Mercator SOS module is useful if your Mercator requires a network or internet connection (cloud installation, multi-sites, ...) 

During a break, you switch to a backup Mercator to continue working. The actions performed will then be synchronized with your main Mercator. 

Mercator SOS is particularly useful for shops : your cash desk will not be stopped any more, even in case of internet / network failure!  

Mercator SOS logiciel de gestion hors ligne

  • The break occurs.
  • Open your Mercator SOS via the 2nd icon on your desktop. It is placed locally and has the same settings as your main software.
  • Work in your Mercator SOS the time of the breakdown.
  • When the situation is back to normal, return to your main Mercator and start the synchronizations. You will retrieve the documents created / modified in the SOS.
Technical explanation

Mercator SOS is autonomous, it is another Mercator with its own database. It is a lighter version of your main Mercator: it activates in this SOS only essential features to continue working during a break.
When returning to the main Mercator, a bi-directional synchronization is triggered so that the two Mercator reflect each other.