Mobile solution

Control your business in real time, even outside the office, from your smartphone or tablet. Your management software on mobile.

MercatorPenguin is an application to install on your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to this app and the data connection of your mobile, you can access your management software anywhere and anytime.

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logiciel de gestion sur smartphone

What does the application allow:


Access to your customer lists, lists of articles, summaries of recent sales, invoices in PDF format, cash statements, ... 

  • Create customer cards, suppliers, contacts, projects, ...  
  • Encode actions performed and new appointments in your calendar, to keep track of them. 
  • Modify sales documents, after sales, ... and obtain the signature of the customer. 


Working in MercatorPenguin is exactly like doing the action in your desktop management software on your computer. 
There is no synchronization at the end of the day! 


The same mobile can be connected to several Mercator. And several mobiles can connect to the same Mercator. 
If you have commercials on the road, they can work in the same ERP. 


Use the camera on your mobile to take a picture of a customer's signature, the defective part to repair, a business card ... And save it in the Mercator database, via the app. 

Connexion sécurisée sur mobile Statistiques du chiffre d’affaire par rayon Consultation d’articles Consultation des rendez-vous Consultation des rendez-vous et tâches Visualisation de fichiers PDF Recherche de prospects / clients / … Modification de fiches prospects / clients / … Fiche de SAV avec signature du client Fiche SAV maxigallery lightbox2by v6.1

Examples of using MercatorPenguin
  • For a business executive: quickly enter the contact details of a future partner encountered during an event, consult his treasury, compare his sales statistics, ... 
  • For a sales representative on the road: consult his customer appointments and enter the reports of his visits, indicate a reminder for a future appointment, ...  
  • For an after-sales service technician: find in the application the list of services to be performed. Encode the time worked and the nature of the repair as well as the parts used, ...
  • For an order picker: receive the latest orders placed on the website to be notified as soon as possible and prepare them, ... 

MercatorPenguin shares the same philosophy as Mercator on your desktop: the application can be customized to your needs. 


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