PEPPOL E-Invoicing

E-invoicing is spreading more and more and will soon become mandatory. Are you already concerned or do you want to use it proactively?

What do we mean by e-invoicing ?

It's not just about sending invoices by email. E-invoicing adopts a specific format and protocol. Invoices can be read and processed correctly by companies. They are fed into PEPPOL, a secure European network that ensures that invoices arrive safely.

In many countries, electronic invoicing is already the norm.

This module allows you to : 

  • Send your invoices electronically: Mercator produces a file that meets the standards and it is injected into the PEPPOL network.
  • Receive electronic invoices via the PEPPOL Box: It lists the acknowledgments of receipt of shipments and the invoices received. Invoices / credit notes can be imported directly into commercial management or accounting.
  • Find out if your customers are already using PEPPOL by searching from the customer file.

Mercator et PEPPOL : facturation électronique

Two strengths of e-invoicing

Safe delivery, to the right place

Sending invoices by email was already a great development. Today the b.a.-ba, he showed his flaws: does the email reach the right person in the company? Will it be well managed?
With e-invoicing, once the invoice is injected into the PEPPOL network, it is certain that it will reach the recipient. The acknowledgment of receipt can serve as a registered receipt.

Impeccably read data

Throw away your PDF or paper invoice recognition software (OCR), they become useless! Invoices sent via PEPPOL respect a data format, interpreted in the same way by all software.
The invoicing process can therefore be largely automated. We reduce costs and the risk of encoding errors!