Mercator's accounting tool enables you to meet legal obligations but also to take the best decisions for your business.

Mercator Accounting has two objectives:

  • To help you to produce mandatory documents and declarations. To keep meaningful accounts thanks to Mercator.
  • But also to provide you with figures concerning your business (for example, the progress of your results, cash flow forecasts, etc.). Mercator provides you with a dashboard enabling you to take the right decisions.

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Accounting integrated with business management

In the sheet for each item, you can specify a sales/purchasing account. You then convert this business management document into an invoice and then into an accounting entry. The information is stored at every step.

The value of having accounting and business management in a single software (an ERP tool)

A single program makes it possible to have data available both in the business management and in the accounting tools, without having to synchronise them. This also makes it possible to transfer all of the information available in the customer or supplier record in the business management tool to the accounting tool.

Moreover, conveying information from the accounting tool to the business management tool (for example to manage orders) is simplified.

Three additional modules

Automate and save time!

With the "Banking integration" module, there is no need to re-enter the electronic bank statements received from your bank (CODA). This module does the following for you:

  • Linking the payments received/made to the customer or supplier, through the recognition of the structured communication, the account number, the amount, etc.
  • Paying suppliers: the module goes through the purchases and suggests the payments to be made. You validate them and the module makes the transfers.
  • Managing direct debits for customers.
An aid for managing your business

The "Analytical accounting" module makes it possible to provide greater detail on the elements of your accounting and thus manage your business more precisely.
This type of accounting does not replace "traditional" element accounting.
This module is very useful when, for example, you want to determine a cost price for a product range, know the profitability of a sector of activity, etc.

Manage long-term investments

The "Fixed asset management" module enables you to manage your business’ investments: equipment, vehicles, furniture, research, patents, etc.
The software creates the depreciation process and carries out the corresponding depreciation each year.
Mercator enables the creation of sheets on the basis of the purchases entered. It also automates exits from investments by in particular practising exceptional depreciations.

Mercator’s accounting tool also manages:

  • Recurring entries: enter them only once.
  • Centralisation.
  • Miscellaneous operations, corrections and year-end operations.
  • The printing of logs: overview of accounting operations, in detail or in summary.
  • Reminders to customers and freezes above a certain credit limit.
  • The annual accounts, which can be sent in electronic form (BNB, ECDF).
  • Integration with Isabel Go: send transfers to different banks and receive the codas from these banks without leaving Mercator.

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Our solutions

Store management

Store management

Management of articles, stocks and checkout.

B2B management

B2B management

Management of purchasing / sales cycles (from order to invoicing).



Manage your accounting on a daily and fully automated.



Collect data from your customers. Newsletter, prospect follow-up, ...



Create your online sales site and control it from your ERP.

app b2c

B2C App

Keep in touch with your customers through an App in your image.

Mobile solution

Mobile solution

Control your business in real time from your smartphone or tablet.

Others modules

Others modules

Add additional functionalities to your software