Store management

With Mercator, easily manage your stocks, optimise checkout and improve the in-store experience for your customers!

From its conception, Mercator was designed for store management.

Understanding the operation of a business and the issues of certain data-processing aspects, this business management software ensures the smooth functioning of the key steps in the sales process: stock management, simple and quick checkout, printing of receipts and invoices, etc.

store management software

An ergonomic cash register

The cash register software has to be simple and intuitive. Mercator has understood this: minimal use of the mouse, ergonomics, touch screen, simplified entry interface and fast search, etc.
No compromises on efficiency at checkout!

Reports, statistics & PDF

Customisable dashboards and graphs can be accessed with a few clicks (product rotation, best-sellers, statistics by customer/store, etc.).
Each document can be produced in PDF format.

One or more stores

Whether you have one store or a chain of stores, the Mercator business management software can help you.
It provides you with an effective flow of information between the different points of sale.

An emphasis on counter sales

Our software has always ensured the smooth functioning of this key step in the customer experience.

A single program to manage the whole checkout

Mercator coordinates all of your sales equipment:

  • Integration with your terminals: receipt printer, barcode readers, scales, touch screens, etc.
  • Different payment methods: cash in the cash register drawer, payment terminal (Bancontact, Visa, Cetrel, SEQR, etc.)

A touch screen cash register will be particularly helpful for heavy items or those without barcodes.
Mercator enables the easy production of receipts and invoices, as well as the automatic management of promotions, discounts, gift vouchers and loyalty cards.

Customisation of cash register screens and documents

Do you want to arrange your windows differently, add buttons, insert images for items? It is possible! Also customise your labels, receipts and invoices with additional information or images.

Mercator cash register receipt

management of stocks and suppliers

Back-office management

Having a store also means managing stocks and suppliers.

Management of stocks and suppliers

With a few clicks, your supplier catalogues are imported into Mercator. The creation of orders to suppliers can be automatic, based on the stock customer orders. Mercator also manages balances, returns, deliveries, etc.
Do you work with multiple depots? In our ERP tool, they communicate information to each other.
Mercator also enables you to know the status of stocks in real time, as well as incoming and outgoing movements. For stocktaking, make the task easier using portable data acquisition terminals (PDA).

Management of items
  • Classification by family, sub-family, etc.
  • Management of batches: expiry dates, traceability, manufacturing batch, etc.
  • Management of warranties and after-sales service
  • Management of serial numbers, sizes, colours, references, units, etc.

Choose Mercator for your store

a considerable time saving, no more entry errors and guaranteed efficiency at checkout!

Mercator is also:

b2b management, accounting, crm and e-commerce

Optimise your purchasing and sales cycles.
Mercator is present at every step: from the quotation to the order, to invoicing and accounting, via the management of stocks and suppliers, as well as delivery.

Manage your accounting on a daily and fully automated basis with Mercator Accounting.

With CRM, easily management the customer relationship, maximise your knowledge of your prospects and develop a strategy based on your results.

Create your online sales site and control it from your business management in Mercator ERP.
Your e-commerce site accurately reflects at all times the information contained in your Mercator software.

Control your business in real time, even outside the office, from your smartphone or tablet. Your management software on mobile.

To optimise the management of your store, add other functionalities to your Mercator software: the touch screen cash register, the after-sales service, the payment methods, etc. and many other modules.