Resource management

Your business has a large quantity of resources: equipment and machines, staff, products, projects, etc.
How can you manage their availability?

Mercator's resource management tool enables you to schedule the use of different types of resources and to view this schedule.

To each resource, you assign a quantity available and a frequency (daily, hourly, etc.). When you validate the document for the use of the resource, the latter is immediately updated and shown in the schedule.

Resource management can be applied to all of Mercator's indexes.

ERP resource management

resource schedule Gantt chart
Viewing the schedule

You can view the use of resources by means of a chart called a "Gantt chart". It is very simple and made up of units of time on the X-axis (expressed in months, weeks, days, etc.) and the different tasks or resources on the Y-axis.
The diagram gives you an overview of your resources and thus enables you to easily schedule your activity and to communicate this schedule to your team.

Modifying availability

With just a "click-and-drag" on this chart, you can change the resource bookings.
A colour scheme enables you to know the condition/status of each booking.

Who would find this module useful?

For managing the leasing of machines (construction site, DIY, etc.), replacement vehicles, etc. For managing a team of technicians, designers, staff, etc.
This module is useful in numerous areas.