Sales force

Do you frequently travel or visit customers? Synchronise your Mercator system with your business' system.

The Sales force module is particularly suitable for salespeople and representatives.

It enables access to all of Mercator's information on a laptop or a tablet while working without a connection.
At the end of the day, you synchronise the information entered during the day with your Mercator system's central database.

business management software for salespeople

Take your data on the road

During your trips, you will be in possession of all of your information concerning customers (contact details, special rates, discounts, etc.), but also item files, rates or even your business' stock levels.

It is also possible to enter quotations and customer purchase orders.

How does this work?

Mercator Sales Force has its own database on board that can be synchronised with the central database (on request). How?

  • Via a local connection (in the office)
  • Via an Internet connection, with or without VPN (e.g. at home).

During this process, customer records and items created or modified are synchronised. Mercator Sales Force sends its quotations and orders to the central office.
It is possible to restrict these functionalities based on the security policy.

Mercator Sales Force retains all of the customisation of your Mercator system.

It is therefore possible to add to it all of the customised modules that may be required.