Wines and Spirits

Your business in the wines and spirits sector is very specific. Mercator has succeeded in developing functionalities to respond to the management characteristics of your sector.

The management of excise duties

Mercator makes the calculation of excise duties easier for you:

  • In the software, each of your products is placed in a department. An excise duty rate, determined by the customs authorities, is allocated to this department.
  • For each new product, you enter its degree of alcohol and its volume.

Based on this information, Mercator automatically calculates the excise duty that is payable for each item.

Viewing the summary of excise duties (based on the department, the type of products, the period, etc.)?

Consulting the flow of your items?

Keeping a record of stock movements subject to excise duties (incoming and outgoing by department)?

It is possible with Mercator's reporting tool. These key documents can help you to verify your declarations to the customs authorities.
Many other statistics and reports are also available depending on your needs.

business management software for wines and spirits warehouse

Bonded warehouses

Mercator seamlessly manages cases of companies that have several warehouses. Information flows easily between them: stock level, depot transfer, orders, etc.

But your sector is special because some of your warehouses may be bonded: you store items in an approved warehouse and you can therefore pay the customs duty later, when these products leave.
Mercator also manages this particularity of your business and shows you the customs duties to be paid at the time of depot transfers.

business management software for wine store

The classification of your items and their prices

In our business management software, your items are classified according to the following criteria:

  • A department, a family and, if necessary, a sub-family.
  • Other criteria (up to nine criteria). For example, for a wine: its region, its vintage, its colour, its vineyard, etc.

It is possible to generate item catalogues on the basis of these classifications.

You then choose the price to be displayed depending on the target customers: individuals, hospitality sector, resellers, wholesalers. Indeed, in Mercator, it is possible to assign a specific price to a category of customers.

Our customers in your sector have also been won over by these solutions

Do you have promotions? With Mercator, you can create several types of discounts: based on the type of customer or item, based on a current folder, based on the amount purchased, etc. You specify the start and end date for this promotion and it is then automated.
Do you offer a loyalty card system? Or gift vouchers? Manage it with Mercator.

Stock management: no stock shortages or overstocking. Mercator makes the management of stocks and stocktaking easier for you using portable data acquisition terminals and automatic resupply based on the minimum and maximum stocks defined.

Management of returnable packaging, creation of baskets containing several items, etc. Do all of that with Mercator.