Lots management

The Mercator lots management module makes it possible to identify each ingredient of a product and monitor its movement.

This is essential in the pharmaceutical sector, food sector, cereals sector, etc. the management of lots in an ERP tool is useful or even mandatory in many cases

For example:

  • You sell tiling, wallpaper or wool. How can you be certain that a colour will always be the same shade? There are occasionally small differences between manufacturing batches. The solution? Ensuring that all of the items sold to one customer are from the same colour bath
  • A food item is declared unfit for consumption and it is necessary to withdraw it from sale. This then involves quickly finding all the other products containing this food item using traceability

ERP batch management

Trace the movement of each item and each lot.

Lots management enables you to:

Manage a FIFO policy

"First In, First Out"! The oldest product lot is removed from stock first by the software.

Knowing the stock level

and the location of each lot in real time.

Viewing the lots concerned

and the quantities still available, when there is a movement or a removal from stock of a product.

Providing an after-sales service

Quickly identifying defective products and locating them in order to have them returned to the store/depot.

Knowing all of the information about a lot

For example, the quality controls undertaken, its conformity, its technical characteristics, etc.

Easily sharing data

Between the different stakeholders in the life of the product and in a reliable manner.

traceability and lots management


All of the ingredients of a product bear a lot number that is allocated based on its date of production or of its addition to the stock. Therefore, for each finished product, the lot numbers of each of the ingredients are stored. It is a question of keeping track of their movement when they are transferred to another depot or when they are sold to customers.

Mercator provides you with upstream traceability (monitoring the upstream movement of a product = tracking) and downstream traceability (monitoring the downstream movement of a product = tracing).

Regardless of the standard, certification (AFSCA, ANSES, EFSA, GMP) or legislation to which you are subject, Mercator meets your traceability needs.

Accessible information

Using the barcode

by scanning the barcode, you obtain the information about the lot, its date of creation and its stock level.


As for all Mercator business management software, customise your module by keeping the information that you require:

  • Location/position
  • Packaging (number of palettes/boxes/pieces)
  • Shade number relating to this lot
  • The temperature of the lot at the different stages of production
  • The results of quality tests
  • The animal identification number and its transit
  • Etc.

Tiling lots

Set the quality guarantee dates for your products

Lots management enables you to set the date of minimum durability, the use-by date, best-before date, etc.