Our history


Establishment of Ineo sprl

In its early days, the company offers consulting services in business management software. It offers two types of solutions:

  • Standard Software that has the benefit of being quickly depreciated in the books but requiring customer to adapt to it.
  • Customised software that fully meets customers' needs but that require more resources for development.

We quickly realise that these two solutions each have their own strengths and disadvantages.


Birth of Mercator

The observation is simple: there is a need for software that combines the benefits of these two types of programs but leaving out their shortcomings. There is not yet a true business management solution under Windows in Belgium on the market of the time.

It is from this observation that Mercator is born: standard but fully customisable software to fully meet customers' needs. Ineo therefore becomes a business management software publisher.

store software

Initially, the business management software is intended exclusively for stores. It is gradually enriched with new functionalities and new solutions.


Mercator becomes a complete ERP tool that covers all of the management of needs of businesses: business management, accounting, CRM and e-commerce.


New tools and a new language

The team begins to work with .net tools.

At the same time, Microsoft announces that the Visual Foxpro language (in which Mercator is written) is removed from its list of products receiving updates and that support for this language will cease in 2015.
Ineo takes this announcement as an opportunity to entirely rewrite Mercator in order to perfect the product.

  • The new language, C#, is at the forefront of technology.
  • The Mercator team knows the ideal way for the program to work, its weaknesses, customers' expectations, etc.
  • The functionalities added day-to-day can henceforth be optimally integrated into the Mercator architecture.

Mercator Majuro

Mercator Aruba is developed. It is the "transitional" version between the old language and the new. Ineo does not want to abandon its customers to rewrite its program but rather to remain connected with them: the software is rewritten functionality-by-functionality and users can choose if they want to activate the new version.

  • For the users, this method gives them time to adapt the configuration of their Mercator system. The transition goes smoothly.
  • For our team, this makes it possible to gradually perfect the rewritten functionalities using feedback from users who activate the new version. They become "testers" and participate in the program's development.

The new complete version of Mercator is called "Mercator Majuro".

Adeo Luxembourg

Mercator in Luxembourg

An additional office is opened in Luxembourg: Adeo sàrl. The goal is to be closer to our Luxembourg and French customers, and to expand our market to neighbouring countries.

new logo

The time has come for modernity! Mercator changes logo and modernises its website to give it a facelift.


A new partner: Debiscom

Debiscom, a former reseller and then distributor, now becomes a full partner of Mercator. They adhere to the graphic charter and obtain a Mercator distribution licence for Flanders.

mercator in html5

A turning point in Mercator's life

With version 10 of the software, the revolution is in full swing. Mercator can now be used in HTML5 mode.
In other words, this means the management software is usable on any devices since it is accessible from a web browser.

This is also the end of the support of the old legacy and Aruba Mercator's versions. The page is definitely turned.

Mercator today


Mercator is a resolutely future-oriented product and our team works continuously, with your help, to add new paragraphs to this section of the site.