Our philosophy

Our mission? Providing our customers with an effective, simple and ergonomic business management tool to assist them in the management and development of their business.

Mercator is a business management software that covers all of a business' management needs: business management, accounting management, e-commerce and CRM (customer relationship management).
Mercator is therefore an ERP tool: all of these functionalities are integrated into a single software.

Our values


Our business management software is designed to be used autonomously by our customers. Its functioning is designed to be intuitive. Users, who are the owners of their data, access it easily at any time.


Satisfying our customers is an essential point. We listen to their needs (comprehensive analysis of the business) and are available (ticket-based support service, training, etc.). More than satisfying our customers, we want to exceed their expectations.


Mercator is used in very different sectors (fashion, construction, food, garden centres, materials, services, etc.) and for each one of them, our ERP tool is tailored to their way of working. Mercator is always ready to take on the challenge of a new sector!

Your growth

Providing you with good business management software means giving you the keys for the development and growth of your business. Mercator helps you to steer your business by providing you with clear statistics and reports about your activity.

Mercator's strength

Standard software would enable a quick set-up in your business but, due its lack of flexibility, it would require you to adapt to it.

Customised software would be fully tailored to your activity but would take time to be developed and perfected.

Mercator only retains the positive aspects

Mercator only retains the positive aspects of these two types of programs by being standard software that is highly customisable.

Our customers' needs

Therefore, 90% of our customers' needs are met using the standard solution. The remaining 10% of needs are met by modules added and the customisation carried out to optimally match your activity and develop with it.

Customisable business management software

Our objectives

  • Generating maximum time savings for your business.
  • Removing or automating tasks with little or no added value.
  • Avoiding entry errors or data entry duplication.
  • Maintaining full visibility over the operations executed.
  • Providing stable business management software and reliable data.

Whatever your size, your business or your sector of activity, Mercator manages every aspect of your business!