Production management

Is your business involved in production? Does it assemble components and/or produce finished products?

The production management module selects items in your Mercator system that are considered to be raw materials and puts them together to obtain a finished product or a new component available in the stock.

This module enables you to:

  • Define a bill of materials (recipe) for each item to be produced. The program then knows the quantity of components that it needs to produce the item required.
  • Easily manage customised production.

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Production documents in Mercator

  1. Preparation for production: Mercator generates documents specifying the production intentions for products produced. These preparations for production can be managed automatically. The components do not yet feature in this document.
  2. The production request: in these documents, the components will be reserved in advance.
  3. The start of production: this corresponds to the actual removal of components involved in production.
  4. Production: the finished product is obtained. This document therefore leads to a movement from stock both for components and for finished products. The cycle ends.

Each of these stages is managed by Mercator but none of the stages is mandatory. It is for you to customise your production cycle in Mercator.

The production of finished products using intermediate products

Certain items involve the production of intermediate products. With Mercator, the ordering of one of these complex products automatically generates an instruction for each of the workshops involved.

Control over production

At the end of production, the user has to specify in Mercator the quantities actually produced. He or she can then adjust them and correct them. There is therefore a production confirmation stage in order to have an accurate overview of the quantities in stock.

Integration with the stock

The preparations for production are automatically established based on the minimum and maximum stocks, and on customer orders.
The ERP tool ensures that the stock of materials is sufficient to complete the production and generate, if necessary, supplier purchase orders ready for dispatch. All you have to do is validate them.

The management of batches

This module is usually linked to the batch management module. It makes it possible to identify each ingredient of a product and monitor its movement.
Mercator therefore manages traceability. This module also enables you to set the date of minimum durability, the optimal use-by date and the best-before date, etc.