10 good reasons to use a CRM tool

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10 good reasons to use a CRM tool

10 good reasons to use a CRM tool, even in small enterprises:

The CRM tool is a fashionable product in the market. It is much talked about and yet still few large companies and SMEs actually use it. However, this fantastic customer relationship management tool can be the key to your success.

So why use a CRM tool? Answer in 10 points.
sharing of CRM information

1. To centralise information and share it:

All of the information concerning a file, a contact, etc. is stored in a single CRM tool database and is directly accessible with a single click. The sharing of information between company colleagues is therefore made easier.

CRM contact information

2. To have an overview of the customer / prospect history:

When you make contact with a customer, you can have in front of you their file, their previous requests, their complaints, etc. Make all information available in the CRM tool without leaving any out. Just as easily identify high potential customers, inactive customers, etc.

building customer loyalty

3. To build the loyalty of current customers:

The best prospects are customers. It is therefore important to keep track of them, store their requests, their preferences, etc. With all of this information available, you can optimise your communication with them and satisfy them. A satisfied customer is potentially a loyal customer who talks about you to those around them.

dashboard for sales representatives

4. To support sales representatives:

The CRM tool enables sales representatives to have an overview of their sales opportunities, their tasks to be completed, their sales forecasts and their sales figures. A genuine dashboard.

customer follow-up CRM calendar

5. To be rigorous in customer follow-up:

The CRM tool ensures that you do not lose touch with customers or prospects, you do not forget to recontact those who request information from you about your company or complete a form on the site, etc. Do not let any opportunities slip away thanks to the task reminder and the calendar.

after-sales service

6. To provide an after-sales service:

The tool enables you to receive products for repair or maintenance and to service them. In the CRM tool, you will see the progress of the customer's request and keep them informed. Requests can be handled via a hotline, a ticketing system or by e-mail.

CRM decision-making aid

7. To support the sales manager:

Thanks to the CRM tool, they can monitor the tasks of their employees, their figures and their opportunities, all without disturbing them. They can also have a more strategic overview of the company by drawing conclusions from the statistics consulted.

storing data in the CRM tool

8. To deal with movements within the company:

Is a sales representative leaving your company? All of their information concerning their customers is stored in the CRM tool. Other companies take the risk of operating without a CRM tool. Information can in that case be lost...

CRM marketing campaign

9. To conduct marketing campaigns:

Group your contacts according to certain criteria (sectors of activity, length the of customer relationship, geographic region, etc.) and send them a personalised message. In the mass of information, the reader's attention will be more easily retained by content tailored to their needs and relevant to them.

customising CRM time saving

10. To automate actions and save time:

When installing your CRM tool, take the time to customise it to your activity and your business. Establish a procedural framework used by sales representatives to make their sales and thus automate the different workflow steps. You will save time.

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