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Are you specialized in ERP solutions?

Would you like to find a complete and reliable solution to support your expertise in your market?

We are looking for dealers and/or integrators of our ERP solution throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Trying Mercator is believing!
Because working with Mercator is essentially...

  • Working independently, managing your client from A to Z. We only intervene at your request. We are not necessary.
  • Creating a win-win partnership with us. At Mercator, we know what long term means, and that is our goal with you. No quick hits here!
  • Creating a true partnership with your clients. They will only call to ask for changes, never because the software "has crashed again".
  • The opportunity to exploit your management IT skills within your network and to develop a solid portfolio of clients
  • Offering a reliable, efficient, scalable and easy to use management solution to your clients.
  • UJust one solution for responding to all your clients, from the smallest to largest, no matter the sector of activity. No further need for ten inevitably unmanageable products.
  • Providing a highly configurable solution to meet everybody's specifics. The configurability, based on the standard version, is very simple and quick to implement. This is the opportunity to offer adapted solutions to your clients in the minimum time!
  • The chance to increase business opportunities and growth through cutting-edge ERP software, which continuously evolves according to the characteristics and needs of new markets
  • Stand out from the competition by offering a software solution liberated from the shackles of standard software packages on the market.
  • Regular financial income.

As a Mercator partner, you have numerous advantages:

  • Free courses each semester, complete with certification.
  • An online knowledge base of more than 2,500 pages with numerous examples.
  • Commercial support for launching and tracking your business.
  • A dedicated web space with business dossiers and marketing essentials.
  • Videos for remote training
  • High level, free, technical support available for all queries
  • A designated "Mentor" in the Mercator team, to give you all necessary support.

Do you share the same values as Mercator? Is client satisfaction your priority? Do you want to extend your expertise? Do you want to develop in your market with the aid of a complete and reliable product, guaranteeing client satisfaction? Are you motivated and do you enjoy entrepreneurship?

Then, welcome to Mercator!

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